Tank Trouble Unblocked – the battle of conquest begins!

Tank Trouble is the legendary maze game about tanks, battles and the ultimate rage of conquests. It enables you to go on an adventurous battling spree. It was launched in December 2007 by Danish game developer Mad Purup. Tank Trouble Unblocked is the unblocked version of the Tank Trouble series. It allows you to play with only one or even two or three players without the need of any other computing characters.

Tank Trouble UnblockedGame Plot : Tank Trouble Unblocked is a conquest based game in which the players are supposed to play against each other in a maze. In this game the player has to destroy the opponent to win the game. The bomb blasted by the tanks goes for about 20 bounces hitting the walls before disappearing. To recognize their tanks each player is given a different color tank and the score counter of game is continuously updated at the bottom of the game screen. The game offers different power up during the game , with each power up having its own power. The difficulty level of the game varies with the maze . You can use maze walls for security and change the difficulty level by changing the settings of maze and weapons of the tank. To win the game one must use the walls of the maze smartly. You can hit the tank of the enemy even if its hidden in the closed corner of the maze. All you have to do is to fire the bomb such that it enters the closed corridor of the maze .The settings of the game are easily editable as it is a single page game. If somehow you mess up with the settings you can go back to default settings to play. Sounds simple,isn’t it ?

Game Instructions : Some simple instructions to help you, If you are intending to play the game, would be as stated below:-
* It can be played with one, two or three players.
* You can customize your game settings and tank via clicking on settings option on game landing page.
* If you mess up with the settings you can always reset to default ones.
* The bomb your tank fires can even hit you back,so BEWARE !
* You will get power ups from time to time.Hurray!
*There are seven different weapons in Tank Trouble.
* You can only fire 5 bombs in one go.
* Pretty obvious to state but got to hit the opponent to score.

Game Controls : Tank Trouble requires only five keys to control all of its operations. The five key includes four keys to move in four directions ,i.e. forward,backward,down ,up and the fifth key is for shooting. In single player game the player uses the arrow to move in all directions and ‘M’ key for shooting . In case of two players, the Player 2 uses the keys E,S,D and F for movement and the key Q for firing. In case if there are three players the Player 3 controls the tank movement by mouse and fires by the left click of the mouse.

Versions : Due to its huge popularity the game is available in many versions such as Tank Trouble, Tank Trouble 1 , Tank trouble 2 , Tank Trouble 3 ,Tank Trouble 4 . Tank Trouble 4 being the latest one. Even after arrival of so many upgrades, original Tank trouble is still better as it is fast compared to other versions , as they tend to be slow due to high-quality graphics.


Now you know all about the game, just remember that this game is all about strategy, attack, control and survival.
So just Get Set and GO!